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michi_thekiller 的文 You Look So Fine

Summary: In which Draco is a Veela and Harry is his mate. Dark!Humor or Crack!Horror, you decide.Draco是Veela,Harry是他的mate。黑色幽默/恐怖, 随君口味。

"When Draco Malfoy turned 16 years old, he thought he’d make a night of it. He went to a club, met a bloke, and then promptly took himself next door pay-by-the-hour hotel, determined to get the most bang for the Galleon, in a manner of speaking.

Not even one full Galleon into it, Draco Malfoy lost his virginity.

It all went just how he’d always imagined it, and it was, all in all, a bloody good time.

Waking up the next morning, however, next to a bloody ribcage and a man’s intestines strewn all over the bed like thick wet streamers - that was a bloody bad time."

年满16的那天,Draco Malfoy想要给自己一个纪念性的夜晚。他进了家酒吧,找了个男人,然后立刻带他进了一家按小时计费的宾馆,不妨这么说吧,决定好好用上一笔加隆。

甚至还没花一个加隆的时间,Draco Malfoy就失去了他的贞操。





这里的Draco吃人肉! 。




还有天哪他们的姿势不止一种(捂脸,,,)含有Draco bottoming from the top的场面(我才不要告诉你们要命的还很详细(/▽\=)(/▽\=)(/▽\=))。。。Jennavere的Jealous Git也有这个场面(类似文章一定有引力作用不然为什么我在24小时内看到两篇呢。。呃。。对了这篇链接也给大家好了快去看吧(/▽\=) ) 


总的来说,我觉得还是Jennavere的文比较轻松活泼,搞笑幽默。Michi这篇有点点压抑,口气和表现更成熟(刚刚开始看这个作者)。。。Maya的文也很棒要是她不那么虐就好了啊!最近把Drop Dead Gorgeous又舔了一遍好嗨森!




“Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

上面是作者在文章最后引用《小王子》的一段话。我猜是她的灵感来源~因为反复出现了“Name it, and claim it, and tame it”。



Pushing himself up, Draco twists around so that he can grab Potter’s shoulder and force him to look at him, eye to eye as equals, face close enough to kiss. “Potter, listen to me. He was a bad man. An evil man - a man of utmost villainy, if you want to call it that.”

He squeezes his shoulder hard at first, hard enough to feel the curve of bone underneath the muscle, clenching, bruising for a moment, but then his grip slowly relaxes. His hand begins to rub instead, warm and comforting, as his voice drops to a hush. “You did what you had to, wouldn’t you agree?”

 “It’s in our nature,” he continues, in soft, dulcet tones. “It runs in our blood, you and I. We do what we must do, in order to survive.”

Potter is silent for a long moment, his body trembling just once when Draco reaches up to tuck an errant lock of black hair behind his ear. Predictably, it refuses to stay in place. Potter’s body language is tight, every muscle stiff, holding himself still, and he bites his bruised lip when Draco touches his cheek. 

“Harry, Harry, Harry.”

Name it, and claim it, and tame it.

Harry’s body slumps as he sighs, all of him relaxing, unfurling. Slowly he nods, and a hand reaches up to close his fingers around the hand on his cheek, squeezing it hard enough to turn the fingers white for a moment. They tingle when the grip relaxes, as the blood rushes back in.

“There are a lot of bad men out there,” Harry finally says, and he does not let go of Draco’s hand.

“Absolutely,” Draco smoothly agrees. Carefully, deliberately, he pulls him in for a kiss. It is slow and sweet and stolen, with the luscious tang of blood still lingering on his tongue.